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The Girls

The Girls: A Novel - Emma Cline

I had no idea what this book was about. I saw the cover; I saw the colors; I saw that it was about girls. This was all I needed in order to check it out.


Whelp. Definitely a ton of Manson feels. Looking back at the title, there's even a mark on the forehead. No, it's not a swastika, but definite Manson nod. The psychology behind it is super similar to the psychology instilled in the women under Manson's spell. Read up on Sadie Atkins. Or, just listen to the Alkaline Trio song, "Sadie". (There's an audio bit from her.)


I love a good psych book. This book could have definitely moved faster for me. It also didn't have to be so... so... overwritten? I think it could have been a little more straight forward, especially for the tone that Cline was aiming at.


Overall a good book and would recommend.