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State of Fear

State of Fear - Michael Crichton This one I'm not too sure about. Coming off of the high I got from Timeline I was expecting much more. There was still the element of "fact" and action, with a little romance thrown in. This one is all about global warming and whether it's a "thing" or not. A whole bunch of science jargon and arguments. And then this one guy goes all Indiana Jones (but for environment, not archeology) and those parts were pretty exciting. It's a long book, don't read this if you want a quick, weekend read. I'm still on the edge.

A more detailed, in-depth review to come. When it's published on my blog, I will link here.

**EDIT** my blog post: http://unkomminsense.wordpress.com/2014/08/18/my-year-in-books-state-of-fear-by-michael-crichton-book-12/