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Red Rising

Red Rising - Pierce Brown, Tim Gerard Reynolds I'm not sure where to begin or how to write an accurate review of this. First of all, re-read the "About". Usually I don't fully grasp what the "About" section is saying. Having read the book, and writing this out now, it is dead-on. For this post, I'm going to do it a little differently. I'm just going to list out my thoughts. Good, Bad, Ugly, all mixed in together. Just because there is so much going through my head right now. So, shall we begin? (Rhetorical, we're going to begin.

- Eo. Eo is probably my favorite character. She is such a fighter. She is the rebel that every rebel-without-a-cause and every rebel-with-a-cause aspires to be. Let me just lay down a bad-ass example. (Trying not to give anything away, so it might be a little vague, bare with me.) She is caught doing something that is against the Red's laws, so there is to be a public whipping. While she is being whipped she starts to sing. BOOM. First of all. Hi. Who the EFF sings when they're being whipped. And she's not just singing any ol' song. No! She's singing a banned song. One that seriously causes havok. One that Golds fear could cause a riot. BADASS. I want her strength, her conviction, her dream.
- This book is insanely dark. There are waaay too many examples to put down to show you just what I mean. If ever there was a question about whether or not this should be a YA book or an adult book - let me put them to rest. ADULT. Dark, dark, dark. Loved it. I loved how gritty, true, and honest it was.
- We learn things as Darrow is learning things. We're not given insider information that he finds out 50 pages from when we already knew it.. hell no. We find out simultaneously. There were times when I was definitely taken aback. (All over the board with my language choices today.) Loved.
- Brutal. Good God is it brutal. If you shy away from that sort of thing, this book is definitely not for you. Example: There is a Gold who wears bones and teeth in her hair to show off her trophy kills and destruction. Yes. I did not just make that up.
- Voice Actor! I cannot forget to give a huge shout out to Reynolds. He definitely has the voice that I would imagine Darrow to have. It's gritty, accented, and gravelly. Loved.
- There is an insane dichotomy going on! I cannot go into details on this one without giving away plot ....things...points... surprises. You'll just have to read to know what I'm talking about.
- Power of three. YES! As a writer, I love the way Brown frames the story with his power of three. The song! It comes up three times and in a different way each time. Different meanings, different settings, different feelings evoked. Genius.
- Ready for action. This whole book made me want to fight for something I feel truly passionate about. I want to be up there, on the front lines fighting (hopefully not physically) for something I hold dear to my heart.

That was a nice ramble, mambo-jumbo, list of points I wanted to talk about. This is a trilogy, so now I'm waiting for the next one, which doesn't come out until 2015. The time I'm writing this, that's at least a five month wait! I will definitely be ready for it. I have discussed my annoyance that there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of new books coming out that aren't series (why can't the book just start and finish in one volume?!) I have no qualms with this one being a trilogy. There was just so much going on. At times it seemed long, but it definitely went with the tone of the book. It seemed long because there was a huge passage of time. Very fitting. Much props.

My rating and why: I give it four stars! There is sooo much going on and I'm truly excited about this book. Legit. When, if, you read it - we need to talk! Loved the characters, plot, whole idea, where the story is going, everything. But Megan, why isn't it five stars? Great question! It's not five stars becaaause I'm having a hard time giving it five stars when the other books are not out. There are so many questions that came up and I want them answered. I'm reserved only because I want to see how the others play out.