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Two Boys Kissing (Audio)

Two Boys Kissing (Audio) - David Levithan Honestly, I have no idea how I heard about this book. I just finished with The Coldest Girl in Coldtown and needed an audiobook for my commute. I searched through my goodreads to-read list and found this one. There's something truly amazing that happens when the voice actor is the author. And thus begins my story.

I had a really hard time first getting into the story. The narration is not something that I'm used to. There is the use of "we", "our", and so on. I'm sure that I missed something toward the beginning, but I was really confused on who this group was supposed to be. There were times I felt apart of this group, but other times where I just didn't fit in. There was good reason that I didn't fit in.

There are four basic stories going on simultaneously and Levithan does an amazing job and seamlessly travelling through each one. Each story is, in some way, connected to each other. The book, as a whole, is a great narration and telling of different trials, tribulations, and triumphs that the gay community goes through. I know several people that identify themselves as gay. While I was not part of their coming out story or anything like that, I thought of each one of them and wondered if they had to deal with such heartache. Not being able to be yourself is something I can't even comprehend. The feels. There were a lot of them in this story. I was almost brought to tears several times. I wanted to yell at the characters. I wanted to hug them. I wanted to just be there for them.

I loved, loved, loved the author's note at the end of the book. Levithan went on to talk about the boys that inspired (though is not based on) Two Boys Kissing. He let us in on the beginnings of this story as well.

My rating and why: I gave this book four stars! I read it and fell in love with the beautiful writing. I loved all of the characters and was rooting them on with the narrators. I am so happy that I found this book on my to-read list, however it got there.