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Kill Shakespeare, Vol. 1

Kill Shakespeare, Vol. 1 - Andy Belanger, Anthony Del Col, Conor McCreery I picked up this book for a couple reasons. One: It was recommended to me by my graphic-novel loving knight in shining armor. Two: I decided to lead a book discussion at the library featuring a graphic novel because they are an underrated genre. I read this one.

I wasn't always a fan of graphic novels. Mostly because it's not a genre I'm super familiar with. I always associated it with superheroes and manga. I'm not a huge fan of manga. Like, at all. I don't really enjoy style of artistry. Superheroes are dope, but I'd rather watch the movie or watch the TV show Arrow. (Nothing is much better than watching Oliver Queen train.) I think my first graphic novel I read was Rent Girl by Michele Tea. If you haven't heard of it, it's pretty graphic in the sense of sex, prostitution, and drugs. There's not a lot hiding in that one. So, I sort of shied away for awhile until I read American Vampire by Scott Snyder. (Stephen King co-writers the first volume.)

Now getting to Kill Shakespeare. Right away the title makes in interested. Kill Shakespeare? Like the William Shakespeare? Yes, it's the very one. What happens is the characters from Shakespeare's writing is out to get him. For power, glory, or to protect. I love the way the different characters show up. You may not be super familiar with Shakespeare's writing, but you don't really need to be for this novel to make sense. It helps, for sure, but it's not pivotal. You're not missing out on anything important by having not read every single one of his works. The different relationships between the characters is just genius. These characters have never met before. Well, some have from previous stories we're not privy to. We're getting to see how the relationships grow and the character's past. If you've been following my book reviews, you'll know that I'm pretty big on character building and the relationships they have with other characters and their surroundings. I was not disappointed with this one.

The artwork is phenomenal. Props to Belanger for sure. The details are great. The use of the different colors and the use of lighting. It's just... great. Wow, words - sometimes they're hard. The characters are consistent. I was never confused about who was who. So, basically I will have no problem finding stuff to talk about for this book talk. I'm definitely open to reading the others, but I'll probably wait til after the talk. I don't want to confuse myself with what happened in this book vs. what happens in the next installments. Don't want to give anything away. Pet Peeve!

My rating and why: I give it three stars. I thought it was well written with awesome accompanying artwork. It's a great intro to a story I'm sure is fleshed out more in the other volumes.