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Messenger - Lois Lowry, David Bowditch Morse I'm one of those people that need to finish a series once I start. I had to finish the Divergent series even though it just went down hill with each sentence. So, while I was unsure about Gathering Blue, I had to keep going. Also, my knight in shining armor was waiting with bated breath. He urged me to continue with the series. So I did.

I did this one as an audio book. There are only three discs. How can anything be accurately worded, described, built-up, resolved, in three discs? Lowry, what is this magic?

Matt, from Gathering Blue is now Matty. He has been in Village for several years and has become educated. His accent is gone. He is much calmer - doesn't steal or panhandle. He passes messages between villages, communities, and from person-to-person. Get it? He's a MESSENGER. Seer is Kira's father - we met him in the previous installment. He is blind - ironic much? However, much like Toffe in The Last Air Bender or Úrsula in One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia-Marquez, he perceives way more than people with sight. It's quite awesome.

Pros: 1. Village and Forest don't have articles in front of them and are capital. They are very much characters in this story and that's just plain awesomesauce. Without having a silly name, you aren't given a bias (ie. Hope Village).
2.Matty has a gift, much like Kira. He doesn't really understand at first. I mean, who doesn't want a super power. I'm debating if I want ESP/other sweet mind powers or be like Mystique in X-Men.
3.This book ties together the Giver to second and, ultimately, third. It was a complaint I had for Gathering Blue. It was seemingly unrelated to the first book and I was really disappointed I didn't find out what happened to Jonas and Gabe.

Cons: 1. Super short. I think this one could have been like a 2.5 book rather than a straight-up third addition. While there are definitely important things that happen, it would suffice to have a sentence or two described in the next one perhaps to fully understand what's going on.
2. The Trademarket was not completely developed. While we know something fishy is going on, not completely sure what it is. I would have liked more info, or just not have put it in at all
3. The ending was ambiguous to me. I think this might have just been me. I told this to my knight in shining armor and he said that it wasn't for him. He knew what was going on. Sooooo.... I was probably just being a space cadet there.

My rating and why: I give it three stars. I finished it, and while I'm not 100% sold on this book, there were some cool things going on. I think this book is definitely setting up for the next, and final, book in this series. For this, I give it three stars. There are so many directions Lowry can go from here. I'm hoping she sticks with these characters and that she webs together the books further. So, my hope in the future book is what keeps this rating a three.