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We Were Liars (Audio)

We Were Liars (Audio) - E. Lockhart Ok, this about section doesn't really tell you anything that happens, which may, or may not, be a good thing. Something that it does do is mirror the secretive nature that is surrounding this whole book. Secrets, secrets everywhere. (That's why her hair is so big - it's full of secrets!) So! What really goes down is this: We're introduced to a highly well-off family, the Sinclaire family, and their summer lives. They are comprised of three generations. A grandfather, grandmother, three sisters, their six children, and a friend of the family. The three eldest grandchildren, and the friend of the family, are the best of friends each and every summer. They call themselves the Liars. They are the ones that see through the veil of lies their family puts up. Cadence, our narrator, is told frequently from her mother to "act normal". Pull yourself together and "act normal". Stop crying Cadence and "act normal".

Everything is fine and dandy until Summer 15. Summer 15 is when something drastic happens, but no one is talking about it. Cadence has an accident and cannot remember everything that happened. That summer goes in and out. Lots of gaps - she remembers maybe half of it. The doctors tell her mother to stop trying to tell Cadence what happened. Cadence needs to remember on her own.

We're following the story along with Cadence. With her memory loss, we're given the unreliable narrator. Heck. Yes. One of my favorite things ever is an unreliable narrator.

So, I'm going to try and explain what's up without giving anything away. So, there is a lot of mystery, obviously, and there's a ton of build up. When we actually find out what happened, the resolution takes forever. I loved the final story, but there was let-downs in the build up I wanted it to wrap up a whole lot faster than what it did.

My rating and why: I give it three stars. It was a 2.5 before I finished the book, that's what I was thinking because of the let-downs I experienced, but the ending brought it up half a star. I liked this book. I definitely enjoyed it, but there were just minor things I think that could change that would have made it so much more.