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Cress - Marissa Meyer Number Three in the Lunar Chronicals, I expected a lot. I expected more than what I was given. Meyer did an excellent job in modernizing fairy tales, that I was super pumped for Repunzel. However, once the story kicked off, Meyer got away from that idea. There's a ton going on, don't get me wrong. The action was actiony and exciting. THERE WAS A TON OF WAITING. I don't like waiting. I'm an impatient person in general, but when I have to wait in a book - it's a no go. I'm holding out for the fourth and final book, hoping it's better than this one.

A more detailed, in-depth, review to come soon. Once it's published on my blog, I will link it here.

**EDIT** my blog post: http://unkomminsense.wordpress.com/2014/08/12/my-year-in-books-cress-by-marissa-meyer-book-11/