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Legend (Legend Trilogy, #1)

Legend (Legend Trilogy, #1) - Marie Lu, Mariel Stern, Steven Kaplan I'll admit it: I love dystopians. I have another thing to admit: I'm getting bored of dystopians. When I first saw this book it was back during the summer. I really wanted to jump into it. It seemed to be really popular, showing up on several summer reading lists, but I had a hard time bringing myself to read it. With dystopian being the new hot topic, I've realized i need to be a little more picky when picking up these books. So I waited. A long time before I picked this one up. And I've got to say: I'm glad I did.

High five to both Steven Kaplan and Mariel Stern. Stern did an amazing job voicing the characterization of June. Steven, well, on point. That's all I can say about that.

I really enjoyed the structure of this novel. The switching between June and Day's perspective added a lot to the story with the different approaches.

I loved the commentary on such a stress on testing and scoring, since testing is an end-all-be-all way of teaching and learning right now.

I was definitely entertained and would continue the series, unlike a recent first book I read. *Cough* City of Bones *Cough* It also didn't leave me with too many questions to where I give up with reading the series. *Cough* Maze Runner *Cough*

Of course there are similiarities with other dystopians. That's how it's classified in the same little pod. There was enough to separate it from other books I've read to keep me interested and even surprised a couple times.

I'm curious to see where Lu is going to take me in the next installment. I just received it from the library and am eager to jump in. While a lot happened in this book, there's still a ton of set-up - but not to the point where I'm bored.

My Rating and why: I gave this book three stars. I read it and enjoyed it, but it could have definitely been more fleshed out. I'm ready to see what else Lu dives into and what we find out about the Republic and our main heroes!