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A Time to Kill

A Time to Kill - John Grisham I got this book at a library book sale for only a quarter. I put it in my buy bag because I heard of Grisham's name and I had vaguely remembered hearing something about A Time To Kill. I didn't really know what it was about when I picked it up, but I knew that it would be a legal thriller. That's Grisham's thing, coming from the legal world. Write what you know, right? After reading the forward, I learned that this is Grisham's first novel. After perusing the internet, I found a ton of people who think this is his best work. So what did I think?

The book starts right off with a brutal rape of a young African American girl. The two white males were apprehended by the police and were in the midst of their trial, when the father of the young girl shoots and kills both of the men. This all happens within the first, like, 50 pages. The rest of the book is mostly about the trial. Even though I'm a fan of the Law & Order series of shows, I was kind of figuring that this would be dry. Trials. I'm not much into legal or political, but I just couldn't stop reading. There were long periods of time where I didn't read, but it had nothing to do with the story. (It was just life getting in the way.)

In this small, southern county everyone associated with the trial faces hardships dealing with money, the KKK, social injustice, and so much more. It was definitely an interesting read, though very long and surprisingly fast and easy to read for being such a huge and daunting book.

My rating and why: I gave it four stars. I thought the characters were on-point. I really enjoyed the story. While it's not really one you need to think about while you read, I was ok with that. There's no who-done-it aspect. We know who did it. The ending was wrapped up super quickly. That's a fault to some people, but I was glad it had a short resolution. I didn't want it to drag on after the sentencing came.