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Landline - Rainbow Rowell, Rebecca Lowman I really enjoyed the writing style of Eleanor & Park and wanted to try Rowell's adult fiction. See how her style carries over into other classifications. I picked this book up on audio because I loved Rebecca Lowman's interpretation of Eleanor & Park. For me, this is how I hear Rowell's writing and how I remember it. Lowman is a great voice actor and has a unique voice for each character making it enjoyable and easy to determine who is who.

This book takes on a cool aspect of contemporary writing meets magical realism. One of the best parts for me, dealing with writing choice, is that Georgie McCool thinks the magical phone is weird too. We're not expected to think that magical things happen all the time in this world. In fact, I love that she comes up with a whole bunch of excuses for what's really happening. Some of these would be excuses I'd come up with as well. I like that what we find weird, McCool does too.

The juxtaposition of the scenes is done perfectly. We're in the present; we're in the past; we're in between when dealing with the phone calls. It was brilliantly done and seamlessly carried through.

The characters. You can definitely tell that Rowell has kids or has been around kids extensively. The way McCool's daughter meows and insists that she is a cat is for sure something that my niece used to do. Her characters are beautifully flawed, which makes them seem more real and more tangible for a contemporary read. Each argument, each piece of dialogue, each character description was realistic and not forced. The push and pull of whether or not what you're doing is the right thing is ever-present and appreciated. Sometimes you can tell when an author is trying too hard to make something seem "real". Rowell has no problems with this.

I will continue to praise Rowell. Her humor is on point, subtle. There were a couple parts where I did laugh out loud in my car. There were parts where I smiled to myself.

My rating and why: I gave it four stars! I read it and really enjoyed it. It was a little slow building up to the actual phone calls, but when we got there it was everything I wanted and more. I will definitely be reading her other works, with the hope that she doesn't lose her sense of humor and keeps her characters tangible.